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Morgana, the Claustrophobic Kitty

For over 10 years, my family members and I have had numerous cats sharing our house with us. Our very first kittens, Tiger and White Sox, involved us from a buddy whose own two pet cats had actually produced a litter simultaneously and also she was in determined demand to find great homes for them. Next to arrive was Bonnie, whom I brought home after seeing some young kids torturing her. After that Brat Feline joined us; her mommy was a stray that determined our backyard was a good birthing area.
And then there was Morgana. She was rescued from the Animal Shelter when she was still quite young.
By the time Morgana relocated, a little over a year ago, my husband and also I believed ourselves “old-timers” relating to can training. With all our previous felines, we ‘d had little or no trouble adjusting them to the litter box. Back then, White Sox and Brat Pet Cat were the only two living in your house. Bonnie had handed down and also Tiger rejected to be a house feline, preferring to live outdoors.
Morgana was a difficulty.
When she initially involved us, she was about six weeks old, newly-weaned. We maintained her in our bed room the majority of the time for the first month for two reasons. Initially, because that is where my spouse and also I spent a lot of our time, it was much easier to train her to utilize the litter box which was kept in our shower room. Second, we intended to provide White Sox time to adjust to the brand-new kitty, as she is instead old and doesn’t like modifications.
We had a large protected can in our living room which our other cats shared. For Morgana, we placed a smaller, exposed box in our bathroom. It took about three weeks prior to Morgana was consistently utilizing the can, which was longer than it had taken our other cats however we weren’t overly-concerned.
The difficulty began when we relocated Morgana right into the various other parts of our home. Because she was still inadequate to climb up right into the larger litter box, we placed the smaller sized one in the living-room also. However after she came to be big sufficient, we placed the smaller one away. And after that Morgana rebelled. She started leaving little “surprises” for all of us over our living room furniture.
We assumed she simply needed to be re-adjusted to the larger box, so we started our training over again. However none of our attempted and also real techniques worked this time. Whenever we would certainly put her in the litter box, she would certainly jump right back out. And also if we tried to maintain her there, we would obtain several scratches for our trouble.
My partner and I didn’t know what else to do; we talked to other pet cat proprietors we understood to see if they could know a reason for her weird behavior. One friend stated that felines often act out when their environment undergoes a modification, however I could not see exactly how anything had transformed – apart from her being around the various other cats regularly as well as she seemed to enjoy that. White Sox really did not much care for the frisky kitty and did her ideal to stay away from Morgana. But Brat, being younger, loved to play with Morgana.
Another pal recommended Morgana’s habits might be triggered by not keeping the can tidy enough to match her. Naturally, we understood that pet cats would often not make use of an unclean litter box, therefore we would scoop it out every number of hours. But now we started to clean the can regularly; whenever we saw White Sox or Brat inhabit it, as a matter of fact.
But still Morgana refused. I took a look around online, looking for some suggestions on this issue, and also found it’s suggested to have one can for every pet cat as well as an extra. Sharing had actually never troubled our other four felines, but we headed out as well as got 3 even more large, covered can anyhow.
Morgana was not thrilled by our factor to consider for her cleaniness. Her “surprises” proceeded. After that it struck us that, possibly, she was adverse to sharing a can with any other feline. So we eliminated the huge, protected litter box into our restroom where only she would have access to it. That really did not work either.
My husband and I were practically at our wits’ end. We had no idea what else we can do, short of making her an outside cat. We would certainly attempted every suggestion from friends as well as the net we discovered and nothing assisted.
And then our kid provided us the clue we needed. He was playing with the pet cats eventually, as well as he threw a covering on top of Morgana. She went wild; hissing as well as clawing until she ventured out from beneath the covering. We recognized our little Morgana had a concern of being confined, as she was inside the protected litter box. I mean this stemmed from her time invested in a cage at the sanctuary with many various other kitties.
Nevertheless it began, we now recognized what to do. We took off the cover of the can for Morgana as well as it took no time at all before she was gladly seeing everything the moment.